Admission to the hospital can happen in various ways. Whether it starts as an emergency or as a planned admission, a hospital stay is often the first stage in series of transitions which you and your family members will feel more prepared to deal with and perhaps less anxious when you know what to expect.

What to bring with you when you come to hospital:
  • An admission kit is available for your use. The kit contains basic toiletries; however, you can carry your own.
  • Underwear, slippers and a set of clothes to wear on discharge. The hospital provides you with a gown to wear during your stay.
  • You are not allowed to bring outside medicines. Even your routine medications will be given by the hospital. However, please carry a list of medicines you are taking routinely.
  • A mobile phone with charger.
  • Insurance documents (claim form and authorisation number).

What not to bring with you when you come to hospital:
  • Valuables such as jewelry, large sums of cash.
  • Outside food, fruits and flowers.

Infection prevention and control
Infection control practices are meticulously followed as we are committed to providing the highest standards of clinical care. Our hospital has an Infectious disease consultant and nurse, who monitor hospital associated infections and antibiotic usage as per national and internally accepted protocols.

Special requirements
if you have any special requirements that you wish to discuss before your stay, please contact our customer care and keep us informed well in advance.