Payment Methods

By Cash or Credit Card
  • Once deemed fit for discharge by Consultant, it will take two hours (on average) to prepare the bill.
  • The ward staff will prepare discharge and payment documents as well as your medication.
  • Once the bill is ready, show your discharge and bill settlement documents at the nurse station.
  • For credit card payments, only VISA and Mastercard are accepted.
  • You will be given your Discharge Notification document, investigation report, drug prescription and your medicine based on your drug prescription.
  • Inform your consultant if you need a medical certificate (MC).
  • Upon settlement of bill, please vacate the room promptly in consideration of other patients.
  • By Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Payment Outway (Online)

Insurance Coverage
  • This payment method may take up to four hours to process.
  • If you would like to leave the hospital earlier, you will have to leave a security deposit that is equivalent to the outstanding bill with our billing department. This will be refunded once approval is obtained from your insurance company.
  • If your insurance company has denied approval, please settle payment by cash or credit card.
  • If the approved amount is less than the final bill, you will need to pay the balance.
  • The original copy of the investigation report will be submitted to your insurance provider. You will receive a copy of it and your Discharge Summary.
*If your room stay extends beyond 12pm on the day of your discharge, you are liable to pay the room charges.